Kindergarten Day

Morning Activities

Each day starts with its own activity and so we create a strong sense of rhythm of the week. Monday might be painting, Tuesday we draw, Wednesday we make soup and bread, on Thursday we do wax modelling and on Friday we clean and shine.


Circle Time

At circle time we sing and tell stories. Stories are told by the teacher or with a puppet play. The children listen and are active creating pictures in their imaginations. The story is often repeated so that what begins as an adventure becomes a familiar and reassuring experience for the child. At circle time we learn about the seasons, children learn to notice the changes that happen in the world around them throughout the year.

Snack Time

At snack time we eat together, often food which the children have helped to prepare. Such as organic bread (which is baked together on Wednesdays), soup, whole grain pasta, Ryvita and fresh fruit and vegetables from the garden are shared.


Individual or Shared Play

Play is an important feature of the kindergarten life, and particularly fostering and developing imaginative play. Wooden play frames and baskets of clothes become castles one day and a bear’s den another day. Children will re-create, learn from and play out what they have seen and experienced.


Outdoor Play

We play outside throughout the whole year. Outside we run, climb, dig or work in the garden.We have built an outdoor shelter for play and plan to install a pizza oven for winter time. We go for walks in the farm that borders the school, stretch our limbs and explore the world around us.


This is not a rigid programme but it contains the security of rhythm that supports young children. Other activities include walks to the farm to feed Gloria, the pig, or to see a new calf. Depending on the season we might plant or harvest vegetables.

Life is interesting in every detail,
from morning till evening; the smallest
things are interesting.
Rudolf Steiner