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Young children gain security from having a sense of the culture around them.At Crannog na Leanai, we celebrate traditional festivals throughout the year. Festivals are a time when families come together, often this includes extended family of grandparents or aunts or uncles. The children are usually very proud to have visitors to their school.

Here are the festivals we mark.

Harvest Lantern Festival

Children help to make crowns from the falling leaves and lanterns from waxed paper. The excitement of carrying the lanterns up to the farm is huge. In the warmth of the Kindergarten we share food and stories of harvest.

Advent Spiral

This is a quiet, peaceful ceremony to mark the start of advent. Usually it is a welcome window of calm in the Christmas preparations. Each child brings a candle into a spiral of moss to mark the passing of the last year’s light.


St. Brigids Festival

In the morning children make butter and scones for sharing with their parents when they come to visit. Crosses are made and the story of St. Brigid is told.


Community Days & Family Involvement

The involvement of parents in the school gives children a real sense of being part of a community. Through this children learn the value of work and see what can be achieved through people coming together. We have families with a wide range of backgrounds at the school. Each family brings very different skills and experiences to us.
All families of children at the school are asked to contribute some of their time to the development of the school. For example, we have about six community days each year. Through these we have completed our outdoor shelter, planted trees and bulbs and generally maintained our garden. There is always good food, and a great sense of satisfaction to see the results of a day’s hard work. There is also a Board of Management to oversee the running of the school, this is includes parents of past and current pupils at the school.